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December  28 , 2003
Elton John's & Bernie Taupin's "The heart of evry girl" for Mona Lisa Smile Movie has been nominated for Golden Globe.



December  09 , 2003
GREATEST HITS 1970-2002  has been certified PLATINUM X 4 in UK with over 1.200.000 units sold.



December  07 , 2003

01  Mona Lisa  (SEAL)        

02  You belong to me  (T.AMOS) 

  03  The Heart of every girl  (ELTON JOHN) 

 04  Santa Baby  (M.GRAY)   

 05  Murder  he says  (T.AMOS)  

 06  Besame mucho (C.ISAAK)                                                       

08  Secret love (M.MOORE)      

 09  What I'll do (A.KRAUSS)     

10  Istanbul (THE TREVOR  HORN ORCH.) 

11  Sh Boom  (THE TREVOR  HORN ORCH.)                                          

12  I'm beginning to see the light  (K.ROWLAND)

13  I've got the world on a string (L.STANFIELD)      

14  Smile  (B.STREISAND)

15  Suite  (R.PORTMAN) 



November  30 , 2003


It was a surprise. In the yesterday's concert in Zurich Elton also  sang  "Are you ready for love"

Here's the setlist :

Funeral For A Friend
Love Lies Bleeding
Bennie And The Jets
Someone Saved My Life Tonight
Ballad Of The Boy In The Red Shoes
Philadelphia Freedom
The Wasteland
Rocket Man
I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues
I Want Love
This Train Don't Stop There Anymore
Take Me To The Pilot
Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word
Come Down In Time
Candle In The Wind
Are You Ready For Love
All The Young Girls Love Alice
Tiny Dancer
The Bitch Is Back
Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting
Crocodile Rock
Pinball Wizard
Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me
Your Song



November  25 , 2003
"To Russia...with Elton" is due for release on DVD next March 2004 in Europe.





November  15 , 2003
" THE HEART OF EVERY GIRL" is the new Elton's song written with Bernie Taupin included on the forthcoming Soundtrack of "Mona Lisa Smile" film . The single will be released by Sony which is going to promote it heavily , as it said. The film and the Original Soundtrack (and maybe the Elton's single) will be released next November 25 .



November  11 , 2003
The World Tour begins....in Fresno

This is the setlist of the concert performed in Fresno last November 8 :

Funeral for a friend / Love lies bleeding  / Bennie and the jets / Daniel / Someone saved my life tonight / Ballad of the boy in red shoes / Philadelphia freedom / The  Wasteland Rocket man /I guess  that's why they call it the blues / I want love / This train don't stop there anymore/ Take me to the pilot / Sorry seems to be the hardest word/ Come down in time / Candle in the wind / Dixie Lily / Harmony All the young girls love Alice / The Bitch is back / Tiny dancer / Levon / Saturday night's alright / Crocodile rock  Pinball wizard / Don't let the sun go down on me / Your song


November  2nd , 2003
From www.eltonjohnworld.com

Elton is joint-sixth highest-earning musician in the UK with a 2003 income of £15 million.

Elton shares the mantle with Madonna, whom he criticised this year for the James Bond theme she recorded.

But Elton was well behind top earner Sir Paul McCartney, whose commanding £40 million should help ensure that his newly-born daughter Beatrice was born with a nice start to life.

Simon Cowell, the impressario and critic on Pop Idols, has seen his earnings shoot up from £3 million to £33.5 million - putting him in second place behind Macca.

Robbie Williams was 3rd with £26 million, and Elton's pal Sting 4th with £25.14 million, fifth was Phil Collins on £25.12 million.

Behind Elton and Madonna was Eric Clapton in 8th position with his Runnaway Gravy Train of £13.8 million. Big mouth Rod Stewart was 9th on £13 million and Sir Mick Jagger was 10th on £12 million.

Ozzy Osbourne, with whose wife Elton got cosy for a TV show recently, was 12th on £8 million and one-time pal George Michael was 20th on £3.1 million.

The findings will be published in The Sunday Times Pay List on November 2, 2003.

How the money piles up in 2003. (2002 figures in brackets)

1. Paul McCartney: £40m (£35m)

2. Simon Cowell: £33.5m (£3m)

3. Robbie Williams: £26m (£10m)

4. Sting: £25m (£21.8m)

5. Phil Collins £25m (£6.3m)

6. Elton John £15m (£9.7m)

6. Madonna: £15m (£36m)

8. Eric Clapton: £13.8m (£14.2m)

9. Rod Stewart: £13m (12m)

10. Mick Jagger: £12m (£24.5m)

10. Keith Richards: £12m (£24m)



October  22 , 2003
Elton John and Park Place Entertainment Corporation, one of the world's leading gaming companies, have signed an exclusive agreement for the artist to perform 75 shows over three years at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, beginning on February 13, 2004

Elton will play five shows a week for five weeks a year - earning a huge £400.000 per show.

Tickets for the first series of Colosseum engagements beginning February 13 through February 22, 2004 go on sale on October 22, 2003 at 10 a.m. All performances begin at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are priced at $250, $175, and $100 (plus applicable taxes and handling charges) and are available by calling 888-4-ELTONJ (888-435-8665), or by visiting www.ticketmaster.com, or in person at the Caesars Palace Box Office.

2004 Concert Dates


October  15 , 2003

The Lion King  has been realesed in DVD last week .It's a 2 DVD-Set edition  digitally remastered. This new edition also contains extra tracks , interviews to Elton and Tim Rices and a lot of new stuff.It  has already sold over 3.000.000 copies in the first 2 day in USA and is doing very well in the World , hitting DVD-Chart in UK , France , Germany , Canada..


September  22 , 2003
"Are you ready for love" has been released today in USA as single.


August  30 , 2003

Elton's "Are you ready for love"  entered  UK Single Chart at  

It's Elton's 6  number-One single in UK.

And the new re-packaged  "Greatest Hits 1970-2002" (with Are you ready for love added) entered UK  Album Chart at # 6


June  28 , 2003

Elton's Are You Ready For Love,  is being re-released as a new 2003 mix on July 7, 2003, is now available for pre-order from the distributors, Southern Fried Records.

The item is available as a limited edition pink 12-inch vinyl recording only

 Dj FatBoy Slim mixed this new version


June  28 , 2003

Elton John has re-arranged his classic hit "Rocket Man" with the help of Ulf Sommer and Peter Plate, the producers of German pop duo Rosenstolz.

The result of that collaboration is "Rocket Man 03" which will be released as single on June 30, 2003

Tracklist :  
Rocket Man
(Catalogue No 980922-9)

1. Rocket Man 03 [4:01]
2. Rocket Man - KDME Remix [4:20]
3. Rocket Man - Royal Garden's Radio Mix [4:19]


June 23 , 2003

Elton performed a show with band in Budapest , Hungary the 22nd of June in front of 300.000 people. The concert was for free.

Funeral For A Friend/Love Lies Bleeding
Bennie And The Jets
Someone Saved My Life Tonight
The Wasteland
Philadelphia Freedom
Rocket Man
I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues
I Want Love
Take Me To The Pilot
Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word
I'm Still Standing
The Bitch Is Back
Saturday Night's Alright (For Fighting)
Crocodile Rock
Pinball Wizzard
Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me
Candle In The Wind
Your Song


June  18 , 2003
June 17-18  SOLO TOUR - Live at Hampton Court Palace London


June  17 , 2003
TAOARTE  FESTIVAL - Taormina Festival (Italy)
















June  5 , 2003

Elton's  "Greatest Hits"  (1974 release) has got   16th Platinum Certification (16 millions units sold) in USA . 

According to Billboard  , Elton has sold  68  millions copies reaching #9 position  (#8 Barbra Streisand with 70 ml) of all times most sold artists chart in USA.



May  23 , 2003
Elton appeared at latest "Life Ball" show , in Austria.


May   2003         At  Cannes Festival


May   13 , 2003     
from EJ.com    "Original Sin" video wins award"

The USA-based Music Video Production Association (MVPA) has just announced the winners of the 12th Annual MVPA Awards. 
Original Sin, the video directed by David LaChapelle and starring Elizabeth Taylor, Mandy Moore and Elton, was nominated in the category of Adult Contemporary Video of the Year. Other videos nominated in that category were Bruce Springsteen - Lonesome Day, Chris Isaak - Let Me Down Easy, Norah Jones - Don't Know Why and Shivaree - John 2:14.
We are delighted to announce that Original Sin won the award for Adult Contemporary Video of the Year. 
Congratulations to Elton, Bernie and to director David LaChapelle. Original Sin is taken from the Elton John album Songs from the West Coast.


May   6 , 2003     

From EJ.com   :

Elton and Bernie Taupin to collaborate on their first Broadway Musical

The legendary songwriting team of Elton John and Bernie Taupin will unite to write the music and lyrics for The Vampire Lestat (working title), their first ever Broadway musical together. The musical is set to debut onstage in 2005. The project, which marks Warner Bros. Theatre Ventures' entry into Broadway production, was announced today at a press conference in New York City.

The all-new musical is based on Anne Rice's celebrated character, the suave, seductive vampire Lestat, who has already captivated audiences on the page and onscreen in such works as Interview With the Vampire, Queen of the Damned and The Vampire Lestat, drawing on characters and incidents from all three best-selling novels.

Warner Bros. Theatre Ventures has assembled a team of esteemed Broadway veterans to guide The Vampire Lestat. In addition to Elton (who is currently represented on Broadway by the hit stage productions of The Lion King and Aida) and Bernie Taupin, the project will feature a book by Linda Woolverton (The Lion King,Beauty and the Beast,Aida) and will be directed by Robert Jess Roth (Beauty and the Beast). Emanuel "Manny" Azenberg, who has produced more than 50 shows on and off Broadway is also involved as a producer for Warner Bros. Theatre Ventures. 

"I am so thrilled at last to be working on this project," said Elton. "Interview With the Vampire is one of my favorite books and Anne Rice is one of my favorite authors. Although this project has taken awhile to come together, I firmly believe we have the right team in place. The Vampire Lestat is the first stage musical that I've written with Bernie which makes it even more special for me." 

Bernie said, "I am thrilled to be working on a project that has been on my radar screen since I first read Interview with the Vampire in 1976 and met with Anne Rice several years later. Anne had always loved the idea of seeing her Vampire Chronicles set in some sort of serious and seductive musical setting and for all of the parties involved this is the opportunity of a lifetime. Elton and I have threatened for years to work together on something for Broadway but until now had never found anything that appealed to both of us collectively or suited my own personal writing style. I'm happy to say that 'The Vampire Lestat' fills in all the blanks that were missing. To unify these books into a linear storyline has transported us into a penetrating and episodic epic that I am excited and honored to immerse myself in wholeheartedly. Our intention is make a classically based show that is stripped of gothic clichés and that shows the vampire dealing with his damnation on a more realistic and human level. Please let me make this clear this is NOT a rock opera. Our hope is that it will be stylish, sexy, intelligent, rich and hypnotically dark." 

"I am absolutely elated that this is happening," said Anne Rice. "Lestat will be given a magnificent new incarnation. I have every confidence that the musical will be superb, as the songs I've heard capture the spirit of the material marvelously. The music and lyrics go right to the tragic heart of the work. They reflect its most ambitious themes and they are beautiful. I couldn't be more thrilled."


April   10 , 2003   

Elton's and Billy Joel's Face to Face topped  Billboard Box-Score again

MGM Grand Garden
Las Vegas, Nev. March 28-29, 2003
Total : $4,462,200 

Crowd : 27,418    - Two concerts


March   29 , 2003  
Great success for 2003 Elton's Oscar Party


March   20 , 2003 

Rolling Stone's  Richest

Rockstar List 2003

# 11. Elton John 

Touring: $20.2 million
Recording: $0.9 million
Publishing: $1.3 million
Net: $22.4 million

2002 rank: 13 - $21 million 


March   12 , 2003
Elton appeared at Rock and Roll of Fame cerimony  with a new great  look.


March   4 , 2003
Greatest Hits 1970-2002  has been certified

 "Double Platinum" in USA.


March   4 , 2003
Elton  appears  in a new spot against AIDS

Download it  (663 Kb)


February   19 , 2003
Elton performed a great show for his AIDS Foundation  at the Tabernacle of Atlanta .


February   10 , 2003
Elton  appeared in a Benefits Show for  "Old Vic Theathre" in London. Other guests : Kevin Spacey , Courtney Love , Sting 


February   5 , 2003
Elton received a "Life Achievment Award" in Germany - During the evening performed "Sorry seems to be.." with Blue and  Blue eyes.


January  20 , 2003
Golden Globe Show 


January  14 , 2003
Last night Elton performed  at American Music Award , in Los Angeles ,  with country singer Tim McGraw opening the event with the song "Tiny dancer"


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