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DECEMBER   22  2002 :

Ghits this week has gone up at number # 3 in Uk Album Charts -

Since last November at today , the album sold about 3.000.000 copies in the World -



DECEMBER   21  2002 :

The Elton's & Blue's single "Sorry seems to be the hardest word"  was certified "SILVER" for over 200.000 copies sold. (Below : Pics from Elton's & Blue's  Video)


DECEMBER   20  2002 :

Elton  received the Third Platinum certification for over 900.000 copies sold of his Greatest Hits 70-02  in UK

                                                               from :   www.eltonjohn.com


DECEMBER   17  2002 :

GHITS 70-02   has already been certified  DOUBLE PLATINUM in Uk in only 5 weeks with over 600.000 copies sold 



DECEMBER   16  2002 : Elton & Blue at Number 1 in UK

Elton  & Blue  boyband  topped the Uk Singles Chart with the new version of "Sorry seems to be the hardest word" that sold 87.000 copies in the first week.

And  Elton's Greatest Hits 70-2002  has held number 4 in Uk Albums Chart for 3 weeks.


DECEMBER   10  2002 :

It was realised the new cd single "Sorry seems to be tha hardest word" , performed by Elton and Blue 



DECEMBER   06  2002 :

New cover for Elton on Metro Life , English magazine


DECEMBER   02  2002 :

Elton was present  at Italian Music Awards  and  performed 2 live songs  : "I'm still standing" and "Your song". Donatella Versace gave  him the Special Awards for  career.


        Image from www.ansa.it


DECEMBER   02  2002 :

Elton John At The Royal Opera House

Here is the set list:

Skyline Pigeon
Border Song
Mona Lisas And Mad Hatters with Davey Johnstone and John Mahon

With the Band
Tiny Dancer
Original Sin
Holiday Inn
Someone Saved My Life Tonight
Circle Of Life (with choir)


With The Royal Academy Of Music Symphony Orchestra
Sixty Years On
I Need You To Turn To
The Greatest Discovery
Carla Etude Tonight
Take Me To The Pilot                                                                                    Pic from : Hercules Web Site
This Train Dont Stop There Anymore
Have Mercy On The Criminal
Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word
Philadelphia Freedom
Burn Down The Mission
Dont Let the Sun Go Down On Me
Your Song
Saturday Nights Alright For Fighting

Elton was only the second contemporary artist to perform at this prestigious venue, following in the footsteps of Bjork.

This was Eltons first performance with an orchestra in the UK for over 30 years.

Greatest Hits has already been certified  PLATINUM in UK for over 300.000 copies sold in 3 weeks.


NOVEMBER   30  2002 :

Elton is going to perform at Italian Music Awards - He's going to sing 1 live song and receive an Award for his Musical Career.


NOVEMBER   22  2002 :

Universal confirmed the performance of Elton at IMA (Italian Music Awards) in Milan in December 2 2002.

Elton should perform live with only his piano a couple of songs. The show will be broadcasted by Italian RAI 1 channel.


NOVEMBER   20  2002 :

Vh1 Uk is going to dedicate  an entire day to Elton. The  EJ-Day will be in December 7 2002.

The Tv special begins at 11:00 am and finishs at midnight .The special contains various sections. Videoclips , a doocumentary about new Greatest Hits , a documentary about Elton's career and other stuff. For information visit  Vh1.co.uk

New cover of Vogue (Uk) is dedicated to Elton and Liz Hurley .


NOVEMBER   19  2002 :

Greatest Hits 1970/2002  was certified Platinum in USA for 1 million discs (were shipped 500.000 copies but because is a double album was certified Platinum).

This is 25th Platinum certification for Elton in USA (and 35 gold certification) , and the fastest album since 1977 to reach Platinum .

This is the first Platinum certification since  The big picture , realised  in 1997.

He debuted in Billboart Album Chart at number  #12 with  100.456 copies sold in the first week.

And debuted at number 6 of Internet sales in USA.


NOVEMBER   17  2002 :

The new "Greatest hits 70/02" album debuted at number # 3  in Uk Album chart


NOVEMBER   9  2002 :

The One night Only DVD reached position n 4 in Denmark  confirming hits presence in the Dvd-Top 10 for a total of 8 weeks.



NOVEMBER   8  2002 :

Recently  Elton was in Venice (Italy -where he has got an apartment) for a party in honour of David Furnish's 40 birthday. At Party were invited Sting , Victoria Adams , Donatella Versace , Liz  Hurley and others guests.

Some pics  :


  Elton at the  balcony of his apartment in Venice




NOVEMBER   6  2002 :

Elton John & Bernie Taupin received the  Music Industry Trusts Dinner awards - The 2 men were awarded for their  great works in the Music World for over 30 years.

some pics of the event :


Elton performed  2 special and succesfull  solo concert in Dubai (Unit Arab Emirated ) and his first indian concert in Bangalore (India) .

In Dubai Elton performed for over 15.000 people while in  Bangalore  for over 20.000 people.


                                        Elton in Dubai                                 Elton in Bangalore


Elton & Billy Joel topped  the Billboard Box-score chart again !!

Sept 25-27  + Oct 11-13   Uniondale (NY)   67.769 sellout crowd  - $7.164,040  N 1 in BillB.chart

Oct 2-4-8      Ruthenford (NY)  59.688 sellout crowd  - $ 6.192,840 - N 2 in BillB.Chart



OCTOBER   30  2002 :

The 29th of  November  , Elton performed a benefits show at Jewesh  Home in New York.

Some pics : 




OCTOBER   10  2002 :

Continue the great success of Face to Face , Elton and Billy Joel's American Tour.

13/09/2002           Tampa                  16.011                               n 3 in Billboard concert chart     

17/09/2002           Atlanta                  19.409 sellout crowd         n  1 in Billboard concert chart

20/09/2002           Boston                  17.482 sellout crowd         n 2 in Billboard concert chart

23/09/2002     N.York  M.S.Garden       18.634 sellout crowd         n 2 in Billboard concert chart



OCTOBER   6  2002 :

The new  "Elton John - Greatest Hits 1970/2002" will be realised on November  12 in USA and on November 11 in the rest of the world.

The European tracklist is this :

CD  1                                                                                  CD   2

Your song                                                                                                 Blue  eyes

Tiny dancer                                                                                           Im still standing

Honky cat                                                                                    I guess thats why they call it..

Rocket man                                                                                               Sad songs

Crocodile rock                                                                                             Nikita

Daniel                                                                                                         Sacrifice

Saturday nights alright                                                                              The One 

Goodbye yellow brick road                                                                     Kiss the bride

Candle in the wind                                                                      Can you feel the love tonight

Bennie and the jets                                                                                   Circle of life

Dont let the sun go down on me                                                                Believe

The bitch is back                                                                                    Made in England

Philadelphia freedom                                                                Something about the way you look

Someone saved my life tonight                                                           Written in the stars

Island girl                                                                                                 I want love

Dont go breaking my heart                                                    This train dont stop there anymore

Sorry seems to be the hardest word                                                         Song for Guy

CD 3 : the tracklist at today  is unknown . It should contain  b-sides , rare version of songs , maybe remix edition , maybe live version.....



 This  is the cover of next  Elton John 's  collection album 





Few days ago  Elton was  present at the  "Benefits- Grand Slam 2002" with Andre Agassi , Rod Stewart  , Carlos  Santana  and other guests.

Here's some pics :


SEPTEMBER   19  2002

* EltonJohn.com  confirmed that in November 11 Worldwide and in November 12 in USA will     be realised a new  compilation album "Greatest hits  1970-2002"   2 cds.

*  The  Face to Face concert with Billy Joel in Atlanta on September 17  topped Billboard Box Score concerts chart with a soldout of 19.409 people  and with a cashing of  $2,025,750



Songs  from the west coast album  sold approx.  3.000.000 copies in the world.

It's a very hot success for a not commercial-album.


AUGUST 13  2002 :

The very best of Elton John re-entered in Australian album chart at number 39.

Songs from the west coast album  is in Denmark album chart for 45 weecks.

The One night only DVD  spent  7 weecks in Top-10 video in Denmark with peak at number 7.


Your song 2002 chart results :  (In red   last weeck)

UK : 4 / 14 / 29 / 44 / 60/ 67 / 69 / 66 / 61 / -

Italy :  36 / 36 / 35 / - 28 / 49 / -

Canada : 8 / 14 / 14 / 30 / 21 / 38 / 40 / 39 / 40 / 59 / 47 / -

Holland : 98 / 88 / -



JULY 22  2002 :

Was realised in UK a special edition  of SFTWC album.

The double cd-set includes in the first cd the complete album and in the second cd :

Teardrops (re-performed with Lulu) , Your song (with Safina) , The north star , remix version of Original sin and Your song  and video of : I want love , This train .. , Original sin and Your song


The DVD of One night Only has been certified Platinum  for over 100.000 copies sold , while this weeck is at number #7 in the chart of DVD  sold in Denmark. This is the third weecks in top ten in Denmrak. It debuted at number 7 , then 8 an now at number 7 again.

It's time  of  results ...

Songs from the west coast , Elton's latest album was realised almost 10 month ago.

We can make a point now about hits success :

SFTWC  was certified :

UK : 2 Platinum  (about 615.000 copies)

Italy : Platinum  (about  180.000 copies)

USA / Germany / Sweden / Norway / Australia / Canada / Brasil / Denmark / Switzerland :  GOLD


July  22 , 2002

MTV  announced  nominees for MTV Video Music Awards 2002 :

Elton in in three categories :

*  Best Male video (very important)

*  Best  Direction in a video

*  Best Art Direction in a video


The new version of "Your song" performed with italian singer Alessandro Safina debuts at number  4  in the UK Singles chart.

All the royalties  will be donated for benefits.


MAY   12 ,  2002

Australian  Album Chart  :

SFTWC   n  11

The very best of..      n 13



MAY   6 ,  2002

After  the recent Australian tour , SFTWC  come back in Australian Top Ten  album chart at number  7 , while  "The very best of Elton John"  is at number 20.



MAY   2002


SFTWC come back in Australian album chart after Elton's concerts in Australia.

The new album is at number #31 while at number #32 come back "The very best of.."


SFTWC in UK  at number #54  after 30 consecutive weeks  and was certified  Double Platinum (over 600.000copies sold)


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